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Your Louisville Family Law and Divorce Attorney Rachelle N. Howell All family law matters can be emotionally taxing. Rachelle Howell is a family law attorney in Louisville that can ease your mind in these trying times, whether you are seeking a divorce and/or custody of your child. If you are seeking a contested or uncontested divorce, were served divorce papers, or need to file a legal separation, there are many areas in which an experienced family law attorney can help you. You will need assistance in determining a fair split of marital assets through evaluation of your income, debts, and property and legal documents that enforce that split. You may also have children that you need to fight for custody of in a delicate manner that does not traumatize them. If you need the assistance of a Louisville family law attorney, please read on for more information or contact Rachelle N. Howell today!

Divorce Attorney

Divorce is never an easy decision, but when you have made that decision, you need an aggressive Louisville divorce attorney on your side. Ms. Howell has helped numerous divorce clients in Louisville get the outcome that they deserve, and she can help you too.

Contested Divorce

Going through a contested divorce is often a painful and difficult process. You will need the help of a divorce attorney that can take your side and ease your pain as much as possible. The process of going through a contested divorce is not easy, but if you have a divorce attorney that will fight for you and get your divorce settled as quickly as possible, you can begin to heal and move on with your life quickly, knowing that you were treated fairly throughout. Even though a divorce in Louisville, KY is considered "no-fault", meaning that you cannot claim that your spouse's wrongdoing is the reason for the divorce, what you receive in the splitting of assets can vary drastically based on skill and ability of your divorce lawyer. Do not let your soon-to-be former spouse take advantage of you in a moment of emotional weakness caused by the divorce process. Let Rachelle Howell be the Louisville divorce attorney that has your side the entire time and fights for you and what you've worked hard to earn.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is a seemingly straightforward, mutual decision to divorce between two people. However, this is still a legal matter that can be complicated, stressful, and prone to errors from an inexperienced person or lawyer. You should retain the help of a skilled divorce attorney in Louisville to guide you through this process. Contact Louisville divorce attorney Rachelle Howell to help you with your uncontested divorce today.

Child Custody Attorney

Just because your marriage or relationship ends does not mean that you lose the right to be a parent. In order to maximize your role in your child's life, you need an experienced child custody attorney in Louisville. Rachelle N. Howell wants to be the child custody attorney that fights for your parental rights. Whether you are currently going through a divorce or separation or would like to revisit your existing child custody agreement, Ms. Howell can get you the time that you deserve with your child.

Get Help From Your Louisville Family Law Attorney Today

If you need the help of an experienced family law and divorce attorney in Louisville, KY, call Rachelle N. Howell today!

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